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Our Process

Working with Zamco

Business Partners

Our relationships are true partnerships – we pride ourselves on taking the time to fully understand your business and your needs.

From here, we work to make building your team as easy as possible. Zamco will introduce you to the top talent in the industry, allowing you to devote less time to recruitment and more time on your main goals.

Once engaged, communication is our priority. Zamco will deliver detailed, regular updates as to how the mandate is progressing to enure that you are on the way to finding the ideal candidate for your team.

Search Partners

Searching for a job can be stressful and feel like a job in and of itself. Zamco takes the stress out of this process and lays out the best possible career options for you to choose from.

Our clients are carefully selected and we only work with leading companies in any sector.

Job searching is about finding opportunity – an interview should not be a daunting prospect to face along the way. Zamco will fully prepare you for every phase of your interview process, equipping you to approach your search with confidence to secure a positive outcome.

Join our Network

Zamco manages a global community of legal, actuarial, and quantitative professionals, sharing news of career opportunities and conducting bespoke talent searches.

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